Sell more on Amazon through improved product listings

Improve sales, gain greater visibility, get better rankings, improve conversions and be chosen by customers on the globe’s most happening marketplace.

Mark your territory with result simulating content and SEO strategies

Rank higher in search results

Rank higher in search results

Gain greater visibility in Amazon A 10 search engine with keyword infused titles, features, rich catalog content, search terms, and relevant images.

Streamline product listings

Streamline product listings

Bring coherence in data format and structuring to comply to the standards and guidelines of Amazon. Achieve search relevance by listing content that complies with channel requirements.

Ensure optimum strategy for keywords

Ensure optimum strategy for keywords

Infuse the right keywords in your content to optimize your product pages for relevant searches. Improve search performance with high-performing, rich, and long-tail keywords.

Get in-depth insights on performance

Get in-depth insights on performance

Monitor SEO metrics, manage and assess keyword performance using insightful analytics and get real-time updates through data synchronization with Amazon.

What is Marketplace SEO?

Marketplace SEO is a process of identifying all possible keywords related to a product and listing it in the order of importance.

Keywords are word/words that a customer uses while searching for a product. These are indexed by Amazon’s A10 Search Engine to rank a product and display it as part of the search results.

In Amazon, there are four attributes that are critical in the discoverability of a product.

  • Title

  • Search Terms

  • Key Features

  • Description

What is marketplace
Why marketplace seo

Why marketplace SEO?

Improve search performance

Win sales through better rankings

Optimize your product listings

Win a slot in the Amazon “buy-box”

Monitor product performance

Get top ratings and reviews

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