Conquer the market with retail competitive intelligence

Get insights on competitor data and their promotional strategies - be it new product launches, feature updates, advertising campaigns widely spread across the web, or coupons and press publications to stay ahead in the populated e-Commerce segment.

Fine-tune your strategies by monitoring crucial data

Fine-tune your strategies by monitoring crucial data

Sellers keep tweaking their strategies for a profitable up-selling and cross-selling through tactics like discounts, offers, and periodic price changes. Monitoring these tactics will help you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Price changes

Discounts and offers



Feature updates

Product launches

Pricing strategies reimagined ground-up

Mobius price monitoring services provide insights into competitor pricing strategies that help you stay ahead of the competition. We analyze and recommend the most competitive prices for your products. We help you track price changes of dense competition spread through different marketplaces in a single dashboard where you can run an analysis, compare prices, and conclude the most competitive price for your product. Learn more

Compare competitor products including features, pricing, and descriptions and identify the gaps in the product to strengthen your offerings. We compare products based on the category, brand, and other parameters, and identify valid sources like comparison shopping engines and other marketplaces that have similar products. We identify competitors who sell under the same categories and help you fill the inventory gaps and expand your product spread. We deploy custom crawlers and extract product price data, brand and category prerequisites to equip you with the data you need to make the right decisions.

Your competitors are constantly brainstorming the best tactics to intelligently price their products. They slash prices, offer coupons and discounts and boost purchases through various other pricing strategies to have more takers for their products. We can help you analyze, track and stay notified about these promotions of your rivals by bringing to you such information that is digitally held almost anywhere - be it websites or in digital magazines and newspapers for you to strengthen your strategies and stay relevant in the market.

We help you identify and uncover promotions or discounts available on online catalogs. Apart from competitor websites, the promotional information is also available on press publications like newspapers and magazines. Unlike websites, press publication is a medium through which news agencies publish key announcements like partnerships, funding, mergers, and acquisitions, and featured listings. We tap on these significant happenings for you to internalize and stay aware of these events to make the right business moves.

A large multinational eCommerce corporation based out of the US wanted to monitor two competitor websites.

Their requirement was to identify the top-selling products and categories. They wanted to perform an inventory gap analysis in their website based on the identified top-selling products.

Mobius helped them build a prospective lead list. Learn more about the case study here

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