Data drives the digital revolution and we want you to experience the explosive power of data in your business.

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Your trusted ally in leveraging data.

We believe that data tapped from all its different shapes and sizes, can steer your business decisions and simplify enterprise operations. It is our mission to enable every business owner - from huge corporations to industrious entrepreneurs, realize and exploit the wealth of data trapped in complex data sources. We strive to break every barrier you face in accessing this goldmine of data, with technology at the forefront.

The roots of our data gusto

Back when people were trying to wrap their head around what the sensational Internet was all about, our founders - Karthik Karunakaran (KK) and Gautam Dalmia (GD) started exploring the possibilities of how information stocked on the internet could be transformed to business-impacting data.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Amazon’s Junglee - a comparison shopping engine, KK, and GD along with 3 other consultants launched into intense web research and that’s how they picked up the nitty-gritty of crunching volumes of unstructured data.

Building a career at Mobius.

At Mobius, we are a troupe of fun-loving, self-motivated folks transforming the digital marketplace with reliable data. Join us in revolutionising the data-driven world.