'Digitising Scotland' team chooses Mobius to power its digital transformation efforts.

Convert and utilize enterprise information sealed in complex analog formats with our ace scanning and transcription offerings that assure an astounding accuracy of over 98%.

Digitization for business

Digitize to unlock data of vast business value.

Access data for in-depth research and analysis

Store content in non-perishable formats

Establish a secure way for your data flow

Manage and share digitized data seamlessly

Tap into data stuck in different sources

Newspaper digitization services

Newspapers & Magazines

Digitization in healthcare

Corporate & Healthcare records

Digitization of manualscripts

Manuscripts & Cultural Archives

Digitizing Microfilm, Microfiche

Microfilm & Microfiche

Digitizing old blueprints and maps

Maps & Blueprints

Digitize photo and negatives

Photographs & Negatives

Digitization research papers

Research Papers

Audio and video digitization

Audio & Video files

Legal transcription and Digitization

Scanning services

We achieve the access and preservation of heritage-rich information and company paper data by transforming them into digitally storable image formats of high precision. We’ve partnered with scanning associates in our primary digitization service regions - US and UK, to ensure that your data stays safe and secure within the geographic privacy limits.

Transcription services

Going a step beyond mere digital storage of information, we extend our elaborate digital transcription services where we convert data in digital images to digitized text with utmost precision. Once the text is digitized and meta-tagged, you’ll find it super easy to access, retrieve and machine-read the wealth of information seen in the scanned copies.

Entrust Mobius with your Digitization efforts

Go digital in the most secure, accurate, and efficient way with the unparalleled caliber of Mobius.

Digitization content


A core priority in digitization is to maintain integrity in data that is processed. Our meticulous data quality checks followed by quality assurance tests assess the health and quality of the digitized content.

Safe data practices


We’ve got all your data security concerns covered with our rigid security protocols and well-secured, dedicated service infrastructure reinforced by strong encryption and safe data transfer practices.

Multilingual Capabilities digitization


Our digitization experts can crack any records - thanks to the ample training in character recognition, writing patterns, and societal knowledge base especially in English (all counties) and its close equals.

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