Identify unauthorized sellers and protect your brand against gray market abatement.

Catalog creation and enrichment

Tighten your authorized distribution channels and reduce violations with Mobius gray market abatement services - to identify, track and get alerts on unauthorized sellers.

Unmask unauthorized sellers and protect your brand reputation with Mobius GMA services.

Product data aggregation
Track violations

Get a holistic view of the product lines, channels, markets, and brands that sellers are not authorized for.

Identify unauthorized sellers

Get details on the violators - the seller, product line, and the markets or channels they sell on.

Get insights & statistics

With the help of our gray market solutions you can easily arrive at decisions backed-up by reports and the data on your dashboard.

Enforce compliance

We help you in identifying the unauthorized sellers for enforcement through support documents, screen captures and in removing the listings.

Get a complete and aggregated report on who is selling your products but shouldn't be.

How Mobius gray market will help you prevent violations?

Keep brand reputation

Product catalog to increase conversions

The brand image gradually deteriorates as customers begin to notice varying price points for the same brand in the market.

Prevent hindrance to

Better customer expericence

Your profits and revenues have a huge impact when the unauthorized sellers sell your products at lower prices.

Protect brand from risk of mistrust

Catalog creations and enrichment

Buying from an unauthorized source increases the risk of affecting brand reliability and product quality.

All set to shield your brand and customers from unauthorized sellers?