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Freshbiz extract contact data

FreshBiz spots new active business domains that are registered on a daily-basis and extracts contact data from them which translates to new business connections.

How does FreshBiz help you?

New active business domains registered per day
Fresh business clients and tie-ups
Digitial transformation

Thanks to the quick pace of digital transformation, most businesses prioritize the launch of their websites to tell the world about their products and services. What does that mean to you as an enterprising business owner or an enthusiastic sales executive?

Discover new businesses in your focus industries and geographics

Look for novel partnerships and feasible business synergies

Spot budding competitor offerings and work on your differentiating factors

Reach out and connect with fresh clients way before the rest

So how does it work?

We’ve partnered with Verisign to access a list of all registered domains world-over on a daily basis. This list of domains is a huge jumble of domains with inactive, dormant, and non-business sites mixed in the lot that FreshBiz sorts.

FreshBiz work flow
  • From the complete domain list, new domains are initially pulled out after comparing with our existing domain database.
  • Inactive and dormant sites are then filtered out to spot active domains.
  • Next, business domains are located by discarding other generic sites.
  • Among the distilled business domains, web pages that contain company and contact details are segregated using machine learning and NLP methods.
  • AI-powered bots then extract about 100+ business data points including priceless business contact details.
Why Mobius FreshBiz

Why choose FreshBiz?

When you can purchase the list of registered domains from Verisign or

Yep, you can always buy the domains list only to find yourself in a data glut with incomplete and non-validated records that are dumped with non-business, irrelevant, and inactive domains.

Decoding them to information useful for your business needs is a huge challenge and FreshBiz solves just that!

What's unique about FreshBiz?

Geo-specific domain

Geo specific domain discovery

FreshBiz pulls out domains of geographies you are specifically interested in and provides new business contacts from these locations for targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

AI-powered business data extraction

Data extraction for business

FreshBiz has AI-driven bots that intelligently identify pages that contain valuable business data. The AI bots then extract 100+ contact and content data points as per your needs.

Fresh and updated business

Fresh business data

Once FreshBiz finds new domains and corresponding company data for you, it also ensures that the data is current and updated by verifying the sites periodically to fetch enriched data.

Customer success stories

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