Price monitoring and analytics

The Business Need

A leading integrated retailer connecting digital and physical shopping experiences requested a price monitoring service that would help in comparing prices of multiple products. The prices of niche competitors were also to be analyzed. Price monitoring meant constant price changes to which constant updates were required to be made and the pricing information needs to be accurate and organized to infer insights to base strategic decisions.

Challenges we faced

The product prices become outdated as they change constantly, which meant constant monitoring and updating was necessary. The products required to be monitored was large-scale and the pricing was required to be monitored spanning different time zones.

How we solved the problem

  • Mobius’ proprietary technology solutions helped the client in accurate product matching on their competitor sites and collected complete competitor pricing information for thousands of SKUs at their convenient timings
  • Mobius collected deals running across their competitor site and online ads for different zones in Australian geography. The promotions were mapped with the client products within a time frame of 24 hours


We combined manual intervention and technology solutions to automate the price monitoring process, helping the client to get updated pricing info on a daily basis. The client was able to leverage the accurate information to their pricing and customer retention strategies. With the right technology, Mobius was able to deliver results within the stipulated time frame.

Pricing updates on daily basis

Price monitoring for large product-scale

Catered to different time zones

Accurate data enabling successful pricing strategies

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